5 Common Myths About Outsourcing Image Editing

on August 03, 2022

Image editing is an essential part of photography that helps enhance the quality and usability of the image. Outsourcing image editing fetches many benefits.

Yet, due to its many myths and misconceptions, most photographers, marketers, and branding professionals are skeptical about outsourcing the editing process. 

Five common myths about outsourcing image editing are:

1. The Consistency in Style is Lost

Photographers are concerned that by outsourcing the image editing process, the consistency in the style of the images may be compromised. 

But this isn’t true! When outsourcing image editing, the service providers conduct thorough research to ensure the editing style is consistent with the client’s requirements.

2. Image Security is Compromised

Often, photographers and branding professionals are hesitant to outsource image editing due to possible image security issues.

Image security is a valid concern but can be easily addressed by ensuring the image editing provider offers the necessary security policies and regulations. 

Most professional image editing service providers include the confidentiality clause in their agreement and ensure the image edits are delivered securely to the client.

3. Finding The Right Editing Team is Almost Impossible.

This is another prevailing myth, especially if previous outsourcing experiences haven’t been favorable. Finding the right image service provider isn’t impossible!

Although most image editing service providers offer the same services, ascertaining the quality and reliability of the services is necessary before outsourcing.

Most marketers and photographers are also skeptical about the possible delay in the delivery of edited images. This is a genuine concern but can be addressed by opting for experienced and professional image editing service providers.

4. Image Editing Services are Too Expensive

This is the most common misconception that prevents outsourcing image editing. Most photographers and branding professionals feel that outsourcing photo editing will adversely affect their project budget. 

On the contrary, there are a lot of image editing service providers that offer reliable and professional services at affordable prices.

5. Outsourcing Editing Means a Lack of In-House Skills

This myth, in particular, has stopped many photographers and businesses from streamlining the image editing process by outsourcing. 

Outsourcing image editing is a means of delegating repetitive tasks and does not reflect on the in-house capabilities of a branding agency or photographer. 

It helps photographers and marketers to minimize the burden of time-consuming image editing tasks so they can shift their focus to other aspects of work.


The advantages of image editing outweigh the myths, implying that photographers and branding professionals must try outsourcing it to leverage its benefits. Outsourcing image editing services to service providers such as SmartPHOTOeditors could help reduce the burden of editing work and assure quality.

Speed track image editing by outsourcing to SmartPhotoEditors to avail reliable and high-quality image editing services.

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