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Advantage of Product Photo Retouching Nov 16th 2023

The Picture Perfect Advantage of Product Photo Retouching for Cosmetics & Beauty Brands

In the present-day digital-first world, where visual aesthetics hold paramount importance, businesses In the present-day digital-first world, where visual aesthetics hold para

Photo Editing for Advertising Sep 27th 2023

5 Essential Tips for Fast and Effective Photo Editing for Advertising

The phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words," encapsulates the central role visuals play in the bustling world of digital marketing. With the information age in full swin

Outsourcing Image Clipping Services Aug 07th 2023

Maximize Efficiency & ROI: The Power of Outsourcing Image Clipping

High-quality images are crucial for product visibility and market success. Visual content has become a cornerstone of marketing strategies across various industries, driving a

Clipping Paths May 29th 2023

How Clipping Paths Contribute To Online Store Success

Product photos play a crucial role in eCommerce marketing. A study reveals that 75% of online shoppers rely on product photos during decision-making. While there are many prod

Photo Editing May 08th 2023

Is the Photo Editing Feature of Playground AI a Real Threat To Photo Editors?

AI is disrupting every industry, and it’s not surprising that the photo editing industry is also seeing a wave of change with the advent of AI-based tools. 2023 began with t

Apr 12th 2023

How to Enhance Photos to Print in Large Sizes

Millions of great photos could be taken with older low-resolution cameras lying idle and useless because they cannot be printed. When photos are taken, cameras capture pixels

Jan 13th 2023

How Important Photo Editing and Retouching Are For The Fashion Industry

Photo editing is essential to fashion photography. Every shot needs to be nothing short of perfect. The fashion industry thrives on photography. It adds value to the brand, so

Dec 30th 2022

These Professionals Need Image Post-Production Services the Most and Why

Finding the right image post-production services is an important step that guarantees the production of high-quality photos. Posts with high-quality images get over six times

Aug 03rd 2022

5 Common Myths About Outsourcing Image Editing

Image editing is an essential part of photography that helps e

Jul 22nd 2022

How AI is Revolutionizing The Art of Photography

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been integrated significantly into photography in the past few years. Most of the smartphone camera features that we love are AI-based.