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4 Easy Steps for “Mouth-Watering” Food Photography Jan 21st 2020

4 Easy Steps for “Mouth-Watering” Food Photography

Food photography is pretty much similar to painting a piece of art on an empty canvas. In this metaphor, the photographer’s canvas is a carefully chosen plate, of course. An

How Can Furniture Companies Reduce Marketing Costs? Dec 09th 2019

How Can Furniture Companies Reduce Marketing Costs?

Balancing marketing goals with a marketing budget is always hard. Fortunately, there are some ways for furniture companies to reduce marketing costs. One of the ways to do it

12 Most Popular Photography Types for Amateurs and Novices Dec 04th 2019

12 Most Popular Photography Types for Amateurs and Novices

Photography can be a rewarding and fun hobby that is available to anyone with a built-in camera on their smartphone or tablet. With this article, SmartPHOTOeditors provides so

Lighting Tips for Home Photography Nov 04th 2019

Lighting Tips for Home Photography

Professional photographers use the control and manipulation of lighting to achieve expert quality images. By learning how to manipulate lighting for photography at home, even

Choose the Right Camera When You Start a Photography Career Nov 04th 2019

Choosing the Right Camera When Starting a Photography Career

When it comes to photography, it is essential to choose the correct camera for specific photographic requirements. Establishing a career in photography, therefore, requires th

Oct 24th 2019

The Advantages of Shooting RAW Images

There are a variety of formats for shooting digital photographs. Photographers usually refer to this as ‘RAW’ or ‘JPEG.’ A RAW file format captures all image data that

DSLR vs. Point-and-Shoot Cameras Oct 04th 2019

Point and Shoot Camera vs. DSLR

When it comes to Photography, there are many camera options on the market. The question is: which option would be best for which specific need. There are two main categories t

Slow Shutter Speed Photographs Sep 24th 2019

How to Shoot Slow Shutter Speed Photographs

Photography is magic because it gives you the ability to freeze a moment in time and keep it forever. The remarkable nature of photography goes much deeper than this, though.

Sep 19th 2019

Capturing the Perfect Bridal Picture With Airbrushing

Airbrushing Wedding Pictures The term "airbrushing," in photography, refers to makeup retouching which is d

Jul 04th 2019

How to Transform Your Portraits with Color Grading

Color grading is a fantastic way to elevate your portrait photography, and if done correctly, can drastically impact an image’s fin