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Is the Photo Editing Feature of Playground AI a Real Threat To Photo Editors?

on May 08, 2023

AI is disrupting every industry, and it’s not surprising that the photo editing industry is also seeing a wave of change with the advent of AI-based tools. 2023 began with the introduction of many new AI capabilities. Among these, one of the most talked about is the text-instruction-based photo editing feature of Playground AI.

This feature promises faster edits and customizations to images to streamline the art of photo editing. But with the coming of this feature, a growing concern has plagued the photo editing industry- Is the Photo Editing Feature of Playground AI a ‘REAL THREAT’ to Photo Editors?

How Playground AI Contributes to Photo Editing

Playground AI’s text-instruction-based image editing feature allows users to instantly edit photos without juggling between different image editing tools to get the job done.

Similar to software like DALL-E and Midjourney, Playground AI enables users to upload photos and give text instructions for the edits they intend to visualize. This feature can make multiple retouches at once, mask images, change backgrounds, remove objects in the photo, etc. In addition, this tool allows the user to customize the level of detail by providing “instruction strength” for optimal revisions. But greater detailing instructions often mean the AI tool takes longer to deliver the results.

Playground AI allows 1000 image edits per day in its free version. However, the resulting image edits are low resolution. With a Pro subscription, this AI photo editing feature offers more image edits, higher quality, and immediate generations. It also gives users a commercial license to sell or distribute the edited photos.

Will Playground AI Replace Photo Editors?

While the advent of this tool’s photo editing feature has raised concerns among photo editors, it will not replace photo editors anytime soon! Here’s why we think so:

Firstly, while Playground AI’s image editing feature is undoubtedly impressive, it is still an amateur tool compared to the skills of photo editing professionals. While it can make basic adjustments to an image, it lacks the depth and range of options available in more advanced programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. Professional photo editors have years of experience using these tools, which gives them the expertise that Playground simply cannot replicate.

Secondly, Playground may be helpful for quick edits and unique filters but is unsuitable for more complex or specialized editing tasks. For example, If a client needs a headshot for their business website, they will likely need a professional photographer and a skilled photo editor to retouch and enhance the image.

Playground simply cannot replicate the precision and attention to detail required for such a task. Moreover, Playground has some limitations when editing facial features and human images.

Thirdly, photo editing is not limited to the technical skills of the editor and requires a thorough understanding of aesthetics and artistic vision.

A skilled photo editor can turn a mediocre photo into a work of art using their creativity and knowledge of composition, color, and contrast. But Playground relies largely on pre-set filters and adjustments designed to appeal to many users. While these filters can be entertaining, they cannot replicate the unique artistic vision of a professional photo editor.

Fourthly, photo editing is a collaborative art that requires photo editors to work with clients to understand their specific needs and expectations for image editing. They can easily communicate with their clients and understand their vision to deliver custom edits.

Playground, however, is designed for casual use and does not offer the professional communication and collaboration essential for photo editing.

Finally, while Playground promises secure image editing, there is always a risk of breach of image security and privacy breach. On the other hand, outsourcing to professional photo editors comes with a range of privacy assurances in the form of SLAs, making them a better option for image editing.

Final Thoughts

Photo editing is a complex and multi-faceted profession that requires technical skills, artistic vision, and professional communication. 

Although Playground is an impressive tool, it will not likely put photo editors out of business anytime soon. While it may be helpful for quick edits and fun filters, it simply cannot replicate the depth, precision, and artistic vision of professional photo editors.

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