7 Tips for Planning Last Minute Wedding Photography

7 Tips for Planning Last Minute Wedding Photography

on June 30, 2015

Planning a wedding at the last minute is not as unusual as you might think. In addition to the romantic aspects of an eleventh hour wedding, some wedding ceremonies must be scheduled within a short and often unpredictable time frame — military nuptials are a case in point.

Regardless of how soon your wedding is approaching, you can stop worrying about wedding photography gaffes with a few simple precautions described in this article. To help you prepare for your special day without the luxury of extensive planning over several months, SmartPHOTOeditors provides seven last minute wedding photography tips.

1) Finding the Right Last Minute Wedding Photographer

You should start with the knowledge that finding the “perfect” wedding photographer might not be possible in a last minute wedding. Many couples book their photographer 6-12 months in advance, with shorter exceptions still usually six weeks or more before the wedding day.

However, like any professionals, wedding photographers periodically have last minute cancellations. Ask your preferred wedding photographer if they can work you into their schedule — if not, ask for a recommendation or two. If you still need a Plan B, ask a friend or family member to perform the photography honors. If you are serving in a military unit, ask your commanding officer to help arrange photo support from the public affairs office.

2) Be Ready to Be Flexible on the Wedding Date

Think about scheduling your wedding during the week instead of on a weekend to give you more flexibility. You can avoid most of the “competition” with this one simple tip. Not only will this give you more choices in finding a suitable wedding photographer, you will probably find that more friends and family can fit you into a last minute weekday or weeknight wedding than a weekend wedding. But regardless of scheduling, wedding invitations are often turned down — don’t worry too much as long as the wedding couple can make it!

3) Don’t Skip a Meeting with Your Wedding Photographer

Regardless of a tight schedule, ask to meet your wedding photographer before the ceremony. Do your due diligence by asking for work samples and viewing the photographer’s website. Make sure the photographer is the “right fit” for your tastes and needs.

4) Request a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Don’t underestimate the value of a relaxed wedding photo shoot before the actual ceremony. Choose a local park or a place of special significance. This is a great opportunity for a wedding photographer to get a better understanding of you and what you really want from your wedding photos.

5) Find Out If Your Wedding Photographer Can Also Shoot Your Wedding Video

In addition to reducing the cost of hiring another person to shoot the wedding video, this will simplify your planning process — especially important with a last minute wedding!

6) Get Out on That Dance Floor and Enjoy Yourself

Don’t spend so much time worrying about the wedding details that you forget to have fun! Keep in mind what is truly important about this special day — it is a day that is really all about you!

7) Last Minute Wedding Photos Can Be Edited

With or without an extensive planning period before your wedding, the power of photo editing lends an important touch of quality to your wedding photos. By outsourcing the photo editing process to experts such as Smart Photo Editors, wedding photographers can ensure that your special photos are edited to perfection.

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– SmartPHOTOeditors

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