Street View Mapping: When the Viewer Experiences the Photographer’s Environment

Street View Mapping: The next big thing in Digital Photography 26 Jul 2012

Exciting things are afoot in the world of digital photography. Google Earth provides us with the first taste of the new technologies to come: a comprehensive, holistic view of the Earth as seen from a

Virtual Tours, the New Marketing Tool for Real Estate Tycoons

Virtual Tours add sheen to the real-estate marketing campaign 29 Jun 2012

Real estate is a simple business when you get right down to it: match a property to an appropriate buyer, and shake hands. While this seems easy enough, any real estate broker will tell you that the p

Adding Color to Old Memories: A Nostalgic Business

Adding Color to Old Memories: A Nostalgic Business 14 Jun 2012

We've all got a collection of old photographs. Maybe we keep them safely locked away inside albums on our bookshelves, or maybe we have them stacked in shoeboxes up in the attic. We don’t want to lo

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